Review (It Follows, 2014)

I really wanted to like It Follows. I don’t consider myself a horror snob, but I do take notice when a movie receives a lot of critical attention. To be fair, I didn’t dislike this film by any means, and it did earn much of its praise. The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is strong, and the premise is certainly creepy. But I ultimately found it underwhelming.

The story follows Jay (Maika Monroe), who finds herself hunted by a supernatural entity after she sleeps with her boyfriend, Hugh (Jake Weary). Hugh explains that the entity is sexually-transmitted, so to speak. It was hunting him, and now that he’s had sex with Jay, it will leave him alone and hunt her. Only she can see it, and it can take multiple forms—some innocent-looking and some frightening. Even a friend or family member walking toward her might actually be the entity. And unless she passes it along to someone else, it will hunt her until it kills her.

The entity’s unpredictability creates great suspense and subtle but effective scares. But I found the languid pace underwhelming at times and didn’t find the story memorable and affecting enough to stick with me. It’s a film that I’m glad I watched and that I would recommend if you find the premise intriguing, but it’s unlikely that this would make it to my list of favorite horror films or merit repeat viewings.

Verdict: Three out of five stars


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