Announcing…Pride Reviews 2017

Pride banner 2017


A couple years ago, I had a dream: to celebrate LGBT Pride Month (June) by reviewing and writing about LGBT-themed movies. As June only comes once a year and a project like this requires a certain level of planning, I wasn’t able to get to it until now. But the time has come!

About the project: Throughout June, I will be posting twelve reviews of LGBT-themed films that made history or made an impression on me, personally. I will try to follow a Friday-Sunday posting schedule, but may alter this if necessary.

Why twelve reviews? Because frankly, thirty reviews proved to be more ambitious than I could take on this year. The thing about writing about film is that you have to watch the movies before you can adequately write about them. Even though I’d seen a lot of the movies I’m reviewing already, I still needed to go back and re-watch them. And I have no shortage of things to work on at the moment. I also decided that it wouldn’t hurt to save some material for next year.

To be clear, this will not be an exhaustive selection of movies by any means. When putting together a list of possible movies to cover, I found that the list kept growing and growing. Since this is a labor of love, and because Pride is time for positivity, I decided to focus primarily on movies that I really like (with a couple exceptions for things that I don’t like as well but that I think deserve a mention). I decided not to review movies that I don’t think have any redeeming value. I can review those at a later date….

In order to have a cohesive theme, I decided to limit myself to full-length films and TV miniseries. I decided not to try to tackle multi-season TV series. I also decided to limit the reviews to fiction. There are some excellent documentaries that deserve a watch, but if I talk about them, I might save it for a shorter post at the end of the month.

Check back on Friday for the first review!


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